“The Devil’s Triangle of Cyberspace” – Ken Barnhart


Like it or not, Ready or not, you are being sent to the Devil’s Triangle of CyberSpace.

Three powerful forces have been converging on US business in cyberspace over the past three years. Cybercrime has reached a fever pitch in the SMB space, sweeping privacy law changes have been rolling through state legislatures across the country, and companies are struggling to address the disruption of Digital Transformation. I call this the Devil’s Triangle.

According to the 2019 Verizon Breach report, 48% of all cybercrime activity is focused on the SMB space. This focus has been economically rewarding for hackers as the SMB’s account for 76% of the total financial losses. According to the FBI, Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks cost US companies $1.2 Billion dollars in 2018. IT leaders in the SMB are losing the cyber fight badly and a new approach is clearly need. You will leave this session with an approach that is working all over the world.

Cybersecurity laws related to privacy have doubled since 2016 and 21 states are actively pursuing new legislation that will toughen or extend existing laws. IT Operations and Marketing teams will soon be contending with the ramifications of the California Consumer Privacy ACT, (CCPA) the Oregon Consumer Identity Theft Protection Act, the Massachusetts Standard for the Protection of Personal Identifying information Act, and a dozen others. The 115th congress introduced 226 bills related to cybersecurity, and not surprisingly none of them passed. IT and Marketing teams are often shocked to discover that many of their existing tools, business processes, and data collections techniques are now ILLEGAL!

Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, 3D Printing, autonomous vehicles, 5G networks and cloud computing are all major forces that are forcing every business to rethink how they operate. Or even more existentially to ask if their business model is still relevant. The security and privacy ramifications of all of the digitial transformation can be overwhelming to even those most experienced practioners.

Come join us for this 60 minutes presentation and Q&A session to discover how companies are moving beyond survival to thriving in the Devil’s Triangle.

Speaker Bio: Ken Barnhart

Ken has successfully built and sold multiple IT businesses with the belief that technology holds the power to educate, empower and protect. Ken also speaks on the topic of cyber security awareness in his role as an international Vistage speaker and cyber security champion; educating Boards of Directors, CEOs, and small business owners on cybersecurity threats and the role and responsibility of business leadership.

As a veteran of Desert Shield\Storm, Ken Barnhart earned his Combat Action Ribbon serving with HQ Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. Ken has carried forward his passion for the mission of protecting others from the battlefield to the board room.

The Marine credo “no man left behind” reverberates in Ken’s personal mission of security – to awaken, empower and preserve fellow CEOs in the small and mid-market ecosystem that are now on the front lines of this sinister new battlefield of cybersecurity. This subject of protecting our nation’s smb ecosystem is rooted in his deep appreciation for business and the risk the owners and CEOs take to stake their reputations, retirements and financial assets to provide 50% of our nation’s payroll.

These businesses and their leadership are worth our very best effort. -Semper Fi.

Presentation by: Ken Barnhart from Highground Cyber

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